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Our principals define us.
But for too long, we have been hindered by policies that fail to connect with voters. Platforms that are difficult to explain and even harder to defend. We need a leader like Lisa who has proven the ability to bring people together to work towards a shared vision, and more, effectively communicate that vision in a clear and concise manner. 




Politics and Personality.
Any level of mistrust serves as a fundamental roadblock to success. So often, we spend so much time assuring voters to trust in our leader, that we have no time left during a campaign to talk about our message. In an era when personality is as relevant as policy, Lisa is a proven leader who people can trust and believe in.
Lawyer, President and CEO.
Lisa brings more to the table than her role as a Federal Cabinet Minister. For far too long career politicians have had limited success in making the break-through we need to win. Lisa represents a generational transformation and offers real-life credentials that our party needs to be able to provide voters the real change they are looking for.

Draft Lisa for Leader is a grassroots movement designed to encourage Lisa Raitt to run for the leadership of the Ontario P.C. Party